8 Ways To Improve Your Speaking (Without a Speaking Partner)

First of all, speaking English is hard, and we understand that.  Especially if you do not have anyone to practice with.  Luckily for you, in this video, Matt and Mark discuss how to improve your speaking, without a speaking partner!
One of the tips featured in this video is to think (or even speak to yourself) in English.
Are you thinking about getting a coffee?  Which kind?  Flavor?  From where?  Why not answer these questions in English instead of your mother tongue?  This simple practice, even 5 minutes a day, will lead to a more fluent, and more confident English speaker.
Download a pdf guide of this lesson here!

We hope you enjoyed the video.  As always, leave a comment and share with us your thoughts.
Matthew Fast

Matthew is the Owner and Academic Director at ULC. He has been teaching English for 12 years and loves breaking down grammar in its simplest form. He also thinks that students should focus on improving their fluency first, and then their accuracy! "Think in English"

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