When first starting to learn English, students and adults alike in Singapore often find the process quite challenging. Studying English can be a daunting task and mistakes are sometimes unavoidable considering the complexities in the structure of the English language.
In fact, mistakes are common when getting a hang of the correct use of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. If you are taking an English course in Singapore, not fully understanding the rules of English grammar will make you make linguistic and other common errors. Most English learners also lack a clear understanding of specific words, which leads to unintentional misuse of certain words.
However, more often than not, this is usually a result of the way you’re learning English.

4 Common Mistakes When Learning English

To ensure you’re studying in the most efficient way possible, keep an eye out for the following mistakes done when learning English:

1. Learning Only from the Textbook

While many learners are prone to take this narrow-minded approach to language learning, limiting yourself to just textbook learning would significantly slow down your progress. To complement your learning, there are many more resources that are readily and widely available even in informal settings.
In your free time, try watching some English movies and shows. This, along with English radio broadcasts and everyday interaction with English speakers, are ideal opportunities for reinforcing your learning of grammar and pronunciation.
In fact, these informal ways of learning are best suited to improve your knowledge and use of tenses, subject/verb agreement, and are also the best means to add up your English vocabulary.

2. Comparing Your Own Progress to Others

As you’re learning alongside others, it is common to feel intimidated and incompetent in front of more fluent speakers. There may be times where you’ll find yourself switching to your own native language to avoid embarrassment but this may be what’s holding you back from fluency. Putting aside comparisons, it is crucial for you to realise that eloquence in English can only be achieved when you work to improve your own reading, writing skills, and grammar.
Rather than comparing your progress with others, shift your mindset to growing at your own pace. When it comes to learning a new language, it’s not about perfection but progress. And with the right perspective, you will soon see that learning English as a second language is, in fact, quite achievable.

3. Studying English at the Last Minute

It is normal for English learners to continue placing undue attention to their first languages and learn English solely within formal and academic contexts. This is why many lack a consistent study schedule and instead, wait until the last minute to study English just before class, for example.
However, this not only makes it a challenge to fully remember what you’re learnt previously but it can also affect how well you understand the following concepts moving forward. By making time to learn English on a regular basis, you will have more than enough time to cover your study materials and be prepared for the next lesson.

4. Lacking an Action Plan

Lastly, it is important to have a sound action plan complete with realistic goals and expectations as you’re learning English. Many learners tend to overuse their native languages even after they begin practicing English tutorials. Yet, as the grammar, syntax, morphology, and phonetics in English can be complex and highly differentiated, an action plan is a must-have to ensure you’re on the right track. Especially if you’re self-learning English, make it a point to approach your learning with an action plan. This gives you a well-defined timeline for success.
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Let Us Steer Your Learning in the Right Direction

As you begin learning, be willing to practice. Utilise every opportunity to improve your reading, writing, and speaking skills – and it could go a long way.
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