Term-End for Mon/Wed/Fri Classes

This term for Mon/Wed/Fri finishes on 29th April and the new term will start from 4th May. All students planning to study for the new term should fill out the survey form to let us know their class level and schedule. We will inform all students via email again later this month!

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Class Self Check-in

How has your experience with class self-check-in been so far? We have started this to make every student’s attendance record more accurate. ULC gives out a Top Attendance Reward every month, so make sure you’ve checked in! If you attend a class without booking in advance, please inform your teacher.

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No Classes on 15th April

There will be no classes on Friday, 15th April as it is Good Friday and classes will resume on Monday, 18th April. If you need extra holidays during this period, please don’t forget to manage your lessons in advance via myULC.

Rating Your Teacher & Class

Do you enjoy studying at ULC? We care about your classroom experience and we’d love to know more! Now you can rate your teacher and class after each lesson! Could you spare a moment to share your thoughts?

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Online Conversation Class Is Launched!

ULC is launching Online Conversation Course next Monday, and we provide our current students with FREE UNLIMITED Trial Lessons during our trial period (4th-18th April, Mondays to Saturdays)! Click below to get more information and book the online lessons now!