Matthew Fast

Academic Director

Welcome to Singapore and United Language Centre! In 2012, I decided to open and run ULC with the intention of providing the highest quality language lessons to students who study here in Singapore. With a focus on a friendly atmosphere, I decided to create an environment where students can feel comfortable learning a new language, at the same time meeting new people and making new friends while living in a foreign country. It’s my goal to help students overcome their fear of speaking English!
I am originally from Canada but I have been living and working in Singapore for more than 11 years. I obtained my TESOL certification in 2006 and have been in love with teaching English since. I really enjoy learning about Asia, its culture and languages, particularly Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. I always teach my class in a fun way and enjoy being able to come up with interesting topics that relate well with my students.

Sasha Wilkerson


Hello, I’m Sasha. I am from San Francisco and moved to Singapore in 2011. I really love living overseas and experiencing the cultural diversity here. I love traveling to the countries around Singapore and the rest of the world and really enjoy listening to music in my free time. I would definitely consider myself to be a culture vulture.
I used to be a teacher with Hoover Middle School and the Bridge School back in the United States. I started teaching here with the Singapore Stamford American International School. My classes are always active and filled with fun and I pride myself on making English easy to understand and giving students the opportunity to speak in class and have their questions answered in a friendly and comfortable way. In my class, you will have the opportunity to join in lively conversations, and join a comfortable class environment!

Marialena Strafti


Hi everyone and welcome to ULC! I’m Marialena and I have an academic background in languages, specifically for non-native speakers, with over 15 years working experience in European and Asian schools and institutes, teaching in English, German and Greek.
I’m the blessed mother of two amazing children, I’m a passionate cook, always eager to explore new tastes and recipes – some of which I will often share with you! I have an immense love for language and culture, and there’s nothing more rewarding than the feeling of achievement when one of my students learns something new. My students would say that I am friendly but firm at the same time. I have a positive attitude and will always go the extra mile to ensure that my students have the best learning experience. I will work hard to help you understand and feel confident, strong, and independent. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Mark Schenker


My name is Mark Schenker and I’m excited to begin teaching here at United Language Centre. I was born in the United States and went to university in New York. After graduating, I worked as an English teacher in Japan before moving to Singapore. I love learning Japanese and hope to learn Chinese and Korean someday too! I also enjoy reading books and watching movies. Science fiction and fantasy stories are my favorites.
I always try to fill my lessons with both fun and practical exercises. Learning a new language is all about practice and I hope to provide you with the resources you need to excel. ULC truly is a learning community and we really value getting to know each students’ needs and helping them to reach their goals. Dream big! The sky’s the limit!
I can’t wait to meet all of you! See you in class soon!

Norah Jamali


Hello students of ULC! I’ve been a teacher for more than 12 years and work well with students from all age groups. I especially enjoy working with young adults and adults. I believe my best attribute is being able to connect with students on a personal level. I am a passionate and dedicated educator and I believe in helping students realise their full potential as a language learner.
I believe that with the right attitude, anything is possible, and as an educator I believe it is also part of my job to instil the right kind of attitude in a student. Guiding students while being empathetic and helping them build their confidence is important to me. Learning is a process, and a commitment that has to be taken seriously, but I also believe in having fun, exciting lessons.

Natalie Milne


Hi, My name is Natalie. I moved from sunny Australia in March 2015. I enjoy teaching English and chatting with students and connecting with them on a personal level. In my class, I make sure that the students are having fun, while learning conversational English.
I have a of experience in several different fields, including managing and owning a flower shop in Australia. I try to make sure that my students in class are able to feel relaxed and comfortable learning English, and inspire them to feel confident when they speak in English. I teach a mixture of private and group lessons for both Essential English and Business English.

Andrew Carter


Hi students! My name is Andrew Carter and I have been teaching English for more than 10 years to students from all corners of the world while living in Singapore. I started my career as an industrial engineer specialising in work improvement projects. After moving to Singapore, I changed my career path to teaching English as a second language.
At ULC my main focus is teaching business English and my expertise is in 1:1 private lessons. I focus on giving the students lessons material that is suitable to both their level and their interests. I conduct my lessons in a strict yet interesting manner. I won’t miss a lesson if you don’t!
United Language Centre 1 Coleman Street, #09-09B The Adelphi, Singapore 179803