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Essential English

Improve your daily conversational skills

Class Day Time Room Lesson Fee
Beginner Mon,Wed,Fri 11:35-13:35 R1 4weeks:S$525
Elementary 09:25-11:25 R1
11:35-13:35 R3
15:00-17:00 R1
Pre-Intermediate 09:25-11:25 R3
11:35-13:35 R6
15:00-17:00 R2
Intermediate 09:25-11:25 R2
11:35-13:35 R5
15:00-17:00 R3
Upper 11:35-13:35 R2
Elementary Tues,Thurs 09:25-11:25 R3 4weeks:S$380 8weeks:S$650 12weeks:S$970 24weeks:$1798
11:35-13:35 R2
Pre-intermediate 09:25-11:25 R2
Intermediate 09:25-11:25 R5
11:35-13:35 R3
Upper 09:25-11:25 R2
Advanced 11:35-13:35 R1

Reading Class

Reading is one of the best ways to improve your English

Class Day Time Room Lesson Fee
Upper Wed 11:35-13:35 R7 4weeks:S$220 8weeks:S$420 12weeks:S$550
Intermediate Fri 11:35-13:35 R7

Business English

Focuses on business language and personal development

Class Day Time Room Lesson Fee
Intermediate Tues 19:30-21:30 R1 4weeks:S$240 8weeks:S$450 12weeks:S$650
Upper Tues,Thurs 19:30-21:30 R2 4weeks:S$550 8weeks:S$998 12weeks:S$1298

Children Class

Pingu’s English for your children to have fun while learning English

Class Day Time Room Lesson Fee
Level 1(age 3-4) Sat 10:00-12:00 R6 4weeks:S$288 12weeks:S$720 24weeks:S$1398

Mommy & Baby

Learn English with your baby

Class Day Time Room Lesson Fee
Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate Thurs 12:30-14:00 R6 12weeks:S$600

Flexible Course

We Understand You Are Busy, Our Flexible Pricing Helps With That

Number of Lessons Expire Period Lesson Fee
12 Lessons 4 Months S$900
24 Lessons 6 Months S$1650
36 Lessons 8 Months S$2350

TEFL/TESOL Certificate

Receive Your Internationally Recognized Teaching Certification

Class Course Duration Lesson Duration Total Fee
Mon-Fri 4 Weeks (5th June - 30th June) Total 120 Hours S$2750

IELTS Preparation

Helping You Pass Your IELTS Exam

Class Course Duration Duration per Class Total Fee
Wed,Sat Wed 17:30-19:30 Sat 11:30-13:30 4 Weeks 120 Minutes S$550
8 Weeks S$998
12 Weeks S$1298

Seasonal English Class

Holiday English courses

Class Day Course Duration Duration per Class Total Fee Fee per Week
Intensive English Class Mon-Fri 3 Weeks 150 Minutes S$798 S$266
English for Kids Mon-Fri 3 Weeks 180 Minutes S$1044 S$348
Mon,Wed,Fri S$684 S$228
Tue,Thurs S$474 S$158

Private Lesson

The Ideal Lesson Style to Fine Tune Your Skills

Number of Hours Price
1 S$125
10 S$1150
20 S$2000
40 S$3800
United Language Centre 1 Coleman Street, #09-09B The Adelphi, Singapore 179803